Monday, March 14, 2011

RECAP: Blew a Circuit. POWER LOSE 58-52

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. I missed most of the game.
Shopping needed to be done. I came in like halfway through the 3rd quarter and even then I wasn't able to devote full attention due to other circumstances.

This won't be much of a recap.

This is probably one of the first Arena football games you've watched.
Maybe this is the first time you've paid it any attention.
Maybe it was the allure of the hits, the all-offense-in-your-face-WWF-smashmouth-type attitude that reeled you in.
Maybe it was the fact that these guys are playing balls for a few beers after the game.
Maybe it's just one more excuse to go to the incredible Consol Energy Center.
Whatever it was, if you had the game on, it got your attention.
The Power looked like they were down and out.
Probably time to grab a beer at this point, but then they surged.
Recovered their onside kick with 9 seconds left. Then they made some play that killed necessary time.
Except that time wasn't necessary.
Game's on the line with 2 seconds left in the 4th.
Field Goal city to send the game to OT.
No dice in OT.

The fans were losing their minds. Unreal cheering.
Friends were going crazy watching their first AFL game.
Everyone seemed to really get behind the team.
It was a great inaugural game, just a shame they couldn't grab then win.
Never disappointing seeing a game go to OT though.

Next game on Saturday against the Iowa Barnstormers.  What a name.

(This blog will get better)

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